The spoofer will delete the anti-cheat tracking files, fake your hardware ID parts and spoof your network adapters so that games/anti-cheats can’t recognize you as a previously banned user. Running our spoofer will let you become a new clean user for the anti-cheat, making sure you don’t get HWID banned again.

  • Continuous running in kernel mode
  • Automatic name randomizer process to prevent blacklisting
  • Hiding/faking all data used by anticheats to keep you HWID banned
  • Frequent automatic updates to ensure customer long-term security


If you are HWID banned (hardware ID banned) you are unable to play a certain game or use a certain anti-cheat anymore, without your game account being banned straight away, even when not using cheats. This method is used by a lot of games, such as Warzone, PUBG, RUST, Rainbow Six Siege, APEX, etc. to prevent caught hackers from playing their games ever again. The game/anti-cheat leaves so-called “tracker files” on your PC after you first start the game. It also collects specific data about your hardware, sending them to the anti-cheat server. This way they can recognize you as an individual user. If you then get caught cheating, the anti-cheat will trigger a ban based on the information they collected. That means, even if you register a new game account without cheating on it, you'll still get banned.


The Spoofer works on both CPU brands, Intel and AMD.
It works for the latest Windows builds, from 1803 and upwards.

You will need to uninstall all anti-virus clients in order to make the spoofer work correctly.

After purchasing the spoofer you'll receive all the required documentation to make it work correctly


The spoofer receives frequent (automatic) updates to keep up with all supported anti-cheats.
The spoofer isn’t bound to one game only but can be used for all anti-cheats/games once bought.