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Lydian Permanent HWID Spoofer
  • Lydian Permanent HWID Spoofer
  • Lydian Permanent HWID Spoofer
  • Lydian Permanent HWID Spoofer

Lydian Permanent HWID Spoofer


Got banned from a game for cheating? We have the right solution for you

A lot of games currently issue the so-called "HWID Bans". But what's an HWID Ban? An HWID Ban is a measure that a game's developer uses to prevent previously banned users to buy a new copy of the same game and keep playing by recording his hardware components serials at the time of the ban and adding them to a blacklist. If you wanted to play on the same game again you would need new PC parts (new CPU, GPU, Disk drives...), a new Internet connection and a new account, in other words, it would be an impossible task for most people. We from Lydian Solution strongly believe in the rehabilitation of the banned user, but this idea collides with the game developer's. That's why we have developed a custom software, called Lydian HWID Spoofer, that will allow you to get back in the game without catching a new ban

With our spoofer, you can get back to play all the games where you got hidden banned/permanently banned without catching a new ban! We test our spoofing system to make sure it is reliable and undetected. Lydian HWID Spoofer removes shadowbans and HWID bans on your System

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email with:

  • Latest HWID Spoofer version
  • License Key (Permanent Spoof)
  • Tutorial for correct usage

Lydian HWID Spoofer is a permanent HWID Spoofer, which means that you'll need to buy it just once! That's right, once you have spoofed, the effect lasts forever and you won't need to worry about it never again, just keep playing!

Our developer team constantly puts a lot of effort into keeping our HWID spoofer updated and undetected for the most played games - such as Call of Duty: Warzone, GTA V FiveM, Call of Duty: Cold War, APEX Legends, Escape from Tarkov, Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, RUST and pretty much every other game which uses HWID bans is supported

Check here for more information on Lydian HWID Spoofer



  Maximum Compatibility

Developed for any AMD or Intel platform and works with major Windows builds

  Game Ready

Easy and guided installation, with maximum support

  SSL - Secured Payments

Secure and encrypted payments for maximum security with every purchase

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